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Another Bullying Incident In Limpopo School || See What An 18 Years Old Primary Learner Is Doing

Date : 21 January 2022

Bullying cases seem to be continuing in Limpopo and it pains that up to today many people are still suffering in the hands of bullies. Some kids even get to drop out of school because of being bullied. Another bullying incident that happened in Limpopo has left many people in tears and in disbelief. There is an eighteen years old boy known as "Tshipundu" who is still in primary found in Phiphidi outside Thohoyandou.

It has been said that he has been in the school for long time and remember his peers might be grade 12 now but he is still at primary school. It is alleged that he is bullying both teachers and other pupils to an extent that they fear going to school because of what he might do to them. It was alleged that he attacked the principal after he failed and had to repeat the grade. On one of the events he called his friends and they helped him when bullying other learners. Parents now fear sending their children to school.

On the video that has been circulating on social media parents were seen taking their children home because they fear that he might harm. School had to close early yesterday as he threatened them using a knife. Now parents have hadd enough as their children are always complaining. They say the school is failing them as nothing is being done about his behavior. They want the department to deal with him and ensure that their children are safe from this as teachers are failing to do it. It's clear that they are scared of him.

Learners will not be going to school until this matter has been resolved and the safety of learners is assured. It's clear that the boy is really abusive if teachers are also scared of him. It is for this reason that they should send him back home or rather get him arrested for abusing other learners. What is your take on this matter? To watch the video fully follow the link below and follow for more news. Share your views on the comment section and follow for more news.

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