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Students who support their families with NSFAS money told to desist or else, by the minister.

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme has opened its wallet to students in the past few weeks years. Students are being fully funded making it easier to focus on their studies without worrying about finances.

But the minister of Higher Education has noticed a worrying trend students are engaging in with NSFAS money. The minister has warned students to stop supporting their families with NSFAS money and use it for what it is intended for.

In addition to tuition and residence fees, students receive monthly allowance which can go up to R2500 per month. This is now being viewed as a salary by students who then buy groceries for their families back home.

Unfortunately student needs are costly therefore most students end up compromising on important academic expenses which then affect their performances.

In other cases families put pressure on students to send them money. NSFAS money is meant for school not families.


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NSFAS National Student Financial Aid Scheme


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