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College Education


36 Funny Pictures And Jokes to Brighten Your Day

Four MBA students went out late one night and didn't study for the test the next day. They devised a strategy in the morning. They used grease and grime to make themselves look as filthy and strange as possible.

They went to see the dean and said that they had gone to a wedding the night before and that their car's tyre had broken on the way back, forcing them to push the car all the way back, and that they were not in a fit state to take the test. Because the dean is a nice guy, he agreed to give them a special test in three days. They stated that they will be ready by then.

They appeared in front of the dean on the third day. This is a particular condition test, according to the dean. For the test, all four were compelled to sit in separate classrooms. They had all agreed because they had spent the previous three days diligently preparing. The test consisted of only two questions for a total of 100 points:

1. Write your name on a piece of paper – (2 marks)

Q.2 Which of the tyres exploded? – (98 marks).

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