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Life if showing me flames, I just can not deal

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"Go to varsity and get that degree so that you become successful in life they said". I am in tears as I type this article. Today marks 1 year 3 months since I have graduated yet I still cannot get a job.

What exactly am I doing wrong? I am now afraid on attending social events as I know everyone is going to ask the same questions or say mean things like" are you now working?, this is why I said your mother was wasting her money sending you to varsity." This question have become the only greeting people first alter when they see me.

How I wish someone would have told me how hard life can get especially if you are in your 20s. There is absolutely nothing working out at the moment, I keeping wondering how am I going to survive because I do not have the money to continue job hunting.

I have exhausted all resources which I had kept. I now have Anxiety as I am always stressed as to how will I provide for the family because I was able to buy groceries with the allowance money which I got while I was still studying.

Do not be discouraged by this because our destinies are not the same, I just wanted to vent as I do not have anyone to talk to. I hope the person reading this will know that he or she is not alone, we just have to stay strong for the sake of our loved ones.

Another reason is to be hopeful that someday I am going to get that job which I am qualified at and change the situation at home. So these are the only things that keep me going so that I do not give up on the so called life.


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