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School Principal caught pants down with a student living community members in sh0ck

Source: Matt24/7 News

I believe that our world is becoming increasingly dangerous, particularly for women and children. Every day, a new threat emerges, or should I say, every day, women and children are threatened.

GBV appears to have spread around the world. The dramas that are currently taking place are not only occurring in families, but also in schools. Teachers and principals are changing the setting that is supposed to be safe for students into a hazardous environment.

A video was recently posted on Instagram showing the school principal busy every night calling one of his students to his home for individual lessons, and it was revealed that the principal was taking advantage of the poor girl. It is said that he did it not just once, but several times.

In the clip, community members are visibly outraged and are standing directly outside the door, pleading with him to open up. The young lady was discovered bound on the bed once he opened up, prompting neighborhood members to take matters into their own hands. They then began abusing the teacher in order to teach him a lesson.

I pity the children's parents, and I can't imagine the anguish that the young lady has endured. I'm sure the school principal was capable of doing anything like that. I never imagined the principal could do such a thing in my entire life.

Everything in this world, I suppose, is unpredictably unexpected. The events that are taking place here will continue to fascinate and entertain us for the rest of our lives. These are the kinds of problems that young girls face in schools, and women and children at home also require mental and physical care.

To watch the video click this link:

As a reader, what are your thoughts on these? What are your thoughts on the subject? Do you think the principal is deserving of the flocking? Or do you believe he is deserving of incarceration? What are your thoughts on this?

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