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Julius Malema: We give the minister 7 days to close schools or the EFF will close them

Julius Malema: We give the minister 7 days to close schools, failure to do that we will close the schools ourselves as the EFF. We can't risk losing our kids.

Malema might have his salary and other benefits but he is looking out for the rest of the people who will cry when they have to bury their kids.

Teachers and kids are testing positive daily. 

We see it everyday and we see how school management covers these cases up like it's nothing to worry about. 

South Africa will only act once the children are dying like their grandparents.

They don't even wear their masks, hugging each other on breaks, teachers are getting sick everyday.

You need to keep yourself informed 1st. The new variant targets kids, a lot of primary schools are being closed in England. Do we wait for disaster or prevent it. Grow up, mind over matter. Politics aside.

At least at home its not as overcrowded as in public schools, can you imagine a the exposure in one class as they don't wear their masks , but they can keep them opened if most people feel so.

At least one political party is focusing on our kids. The rest only focus on adults. 1 child dying is too much and it can be preventable. Education is important, but you can't educate a dead child. Kids adapt, they catch up. Failure in our online tech/ learning isn't their fault.

I think they are trying to save our kids' lives, the main issue here is we always think we will always be the lucky ones and it can't happen to us or our kids are immune to covid. That's how i see it anyway.

For fairness he must in inform us in time, so that we can organize ourselves to stop them. We don't need thieves in suits to tell us what is good for our kids.

I get that life matters , however is that the best sustainable strategy you can come with , what we are still going to experience 10 more levels are we going to persist with these back and forth. Since march 2020 what have you been doing to prepare.

What Malema was supposed to Advocate for is Online learning for all the Kids, Pushing Ramaphosa Government to Get all Kids Gadgets to Use for Study. Also Make Plans For feeding The kids, just Saying He will Close The Schools is Merely Idiotic. Come Up With Plans.

His son goes to a private school where they’ve never stopped with learning since the beginning of covid. You will his followers here supporting his stupid threat while their kids continue to struggle to read.

The question is are they going to close all schools or only public schools where poor children attend? Yet those private schools where their children attend are left open. Politics are very dangerous.

The EFF likes this seven days empty promises thing, Tito Mboweni told them to go hang themselves when thet gave him seven days to remove Ranjeni Munusamy from national treasury.

even today, she still works there.

Black kids are a football game for self-serving demagogues. This is typical of desperate people craving for attention.

This one is living in his own world, instead of putting down a formal request, he just wants to give mandates, that will only happen to the EFF kraal.

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