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Eastbank High Learners And Teachers Locked Out For Four Days: See Why

We are living in the days where a lot of things are happening in our communities, scary things are reported every now and then, people do things which are weird and when that happens, there are those who believe what is happening has something with withcraft and evil spirits, but some don't have such superstitions, they would think the person is saying or doing those things due to being high on something they smoked, weed or drugs that makes them do or see things.

It is day number four of no schooling at Eastbank High School in Alexandra township just outside Johannesburg in Gauteng, the learners and educator have reportedly been locked out of the school premises and there is no sign for the resumption of teaching and learning anytime soon with what is happening.

"Day 4 of protest at the Eastbank High school in Alexandra today (Wednesday). Gates have been locked. Teachers and learners are not allowed 🚫 to enter the school premises. They demand good learning and teaching environment," reports suggests.

According to reports, these protests started when one female learner started making some allegations where she alleged that there is a person who was buried inside the school premises, she reportedly told the Principal about that and was even suggesting that the person should be exhumed, but the school authorities are refusing to believe what the learner is alleging.

The school reportedly called the learner's parents who also supported their child, they also suggested that they must do what their daughter is suggesting since they believe she is telling the truth, but this will have to be reported if it is to be done, the police should be involved and the forensic department should also be involved if they are to dig up the body which the learner is talkong about

There has been no calm ever since these allegations started, teaching and learning has been disrupted, on Monday one of Education Directors was held hostage at the school. Learners emptied dustbins in corridors as demand better teaching and learning environment.


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