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Secondary Education


A Geography teacher was shot and killed at Phomolong near school entrance

A teacher at Phomolong secondary school in Tembisa, Gauteng, was recently shot and killed at the school's entrance.

There are no known details on the circumstances of her death at this time.

Emergency services have arrived.

At home, charitable acts are most effective.

Let's put an end to the practice of hiding criminals in our midst.

We must not indoctrinate our children with a hatred for others.

As a parent, it is important to know your child's likes and dislikes so that you can help him or her avoid deviant behavior. Guys, our parents failed us in every way that our government has failed the country. Things like these can happen if we don't discipline and teach our children the proper values. Teachers in our day were unable to grasp the complexity of our upbringing. Talking the way they want instead of energizing children is what they do.

It's not uncommon for these teachers to cause you to lose focus in class. Teachers must develop the ability to treat all of their students fairly. I can vividly remember the teacher who made fun of me because I didn't wear school shoes. When I didn't have school shoes on, she would expel me from class. In class, she would make fun of my ethnicity. I was reduced to nil by her. I'd shoot her 10 times if I had a gun. Because she made fun of me so much, I decided to drop out of school. However, that teacher was not in control of all of his classes. To be honest, whoever it was must have made a significant impact on that guy. As a result of his classroom teacher, my younger brother quit school. He would frequently say that his teacher was so enraged by him that he no longer felt at ease in the classroom. In order to avoid our detection, he would first pretend to be in school and then move on to another location quickly. He didn't succeed. The one place I'm not willing to let you guys beat me is in my house. As one of my Facebook friends put it:


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