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Here Is a Simple and Fast Method to Submit Teacher’s Assistant Application, Use this Link


The department of education brought music to people's ears. Many people have been complaining that the teacher assistant opportunities shouldn't be cut off because the country is still dealing with a pandemic and many jobs have been lost. The good news is, the government heard all your concerns and is doing what you asked for. The teaching assistant posts are open again.

However, ever since the department of education announced that there are posts available for teachers' assistants and general workers, many people have been wondering how to apply. This time, you are not applying manually. Some have been struggling to complete their applications because the provided link functions very slowly. This must be because of heavy traffic on the website as everybody is applying.


According to the department of education, the applications will be open for a very short period as they want to shortlist and appoint as soon as possible. They will be open from the 27th of September until the 03rd of October 2021. This means that from today you only have 5 days to submit your application.


Before we proceed to how to apply, you should ensure that you read all the requirements because they are very strict. See the picture below for all the requirements:

In order to submit your application quickly and easily without complications, you shouldn’t use the department of education's website because it has so much traffic from applicants.

Use this link:


This link will direct you to where you must first create your profile, entering all your contact and identity details. After registering an account, everything will be well set and you can successfully submit your application.


Before you tap the ‘Register’ option, please make sure that all your information is correct, because a slight mistake can cost you.


I hope this will be helpful to someone out there.

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