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Are teachers really that important???then why not pay them what they truly deserve|Opinion

Is it only when a child doesn't do well do we start noticing the teachers ??how fair is this on the teachers who have turned to mother and father's of our kids .it's only when our kids come back from school not knowing a recital that we take a stand against the teacher or against the very same person who is grooming the future president of the country .

Teachers are very important with or without the number of students dropping out of school ,they work around the clock just to make sure our kids get promoted even when she knows her pay isn't worth all the trouble the kids put her through she still gets her job done with her head held high and a smile to show the passion she has for the job.'s not just the teacher's job to make sure that kids return to school but parents as well begins at home and before people start pointingbfingers at the job teachers are failing to do ,they should actually look at themselves and fix their mistakes .

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