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Mzansi Went Furious After Seeing A School Girl Holding Something Which She Was Not Supposed To

A school uniform is worn at school as part of the school requirements, but nowadays, we find school kids strolling in malls with their friends having fun.

Besides the malls, we can find them in all sorts of places like in the movies and supermarkets to name a few. But sometimes we find them in places where they were not supposed to be, like a girl whose photo has been making waves. This girl's photo captured a lot of attention because of something she had. She is seen walking on the street hold a six-pack of alcohol in her hand. This girl's boldness to walk in public shows that she doesn't care who is watching her.

This obviously happened at a time when she was supposed to be at school. It is shocking to see such things happen right before our eyes, and this brings a question as to how she managed to get alcohol when she is wearing school uniform. In most cases parents are the ones who introduced alcohol to their kids the moment they send them to buy it for them. But, there are instances where children do everything on their own and end up being alcoholics.

The same goes for other drugs, they get them from their friends and once they get used to using them, they want more and can never go back. Our education system has been tarnished by such act and kids have lost respect to their parents. It is difficult to say if this country will ever be the way it used to be.

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What is your view on this issue? How do you think we should deal with the alcohol situation?

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