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UNISA Law Student Lives In The Streets & Has No Phone Or Laptop

A University of South Africa (UNISA) law student has sent shockwaves on social media when he said he is doing his final year at varsity while living in the streets since 2019.

Mpumi Khumalo took to Facebook to share the ordeal of the UNISA student, Muzi. According to Mpumi, Muzi is currently doing his final year and is studying towards a law degree at UNISA. However, he does not have proper shelter. He also does not have the necessary gadgets needed for his learning. That includes a laptop and a phone. Despite living under the unbearable conditions, Muzi is said to be passing with flying colours.

Others felt sorry for Muzi and offered to lend a helping hand. However, others were not convinced with the story. They felt that this could be his way of trying to scam people. Netizens had many unanswered questions, including that how is it possible to study at UNISA without a phone or a laptop because UNISA is a fully online distance learning institution. Others wanted to know about his whereabouts and his family.

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