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64 years old Limpopo mom get her first degree

They say it is never past the point where it is possible to get instruction. The nation cheered when Muvhango entertainer Regina Nesengani who fills the role of Boss Azwindini's mom vho-Masindi Mukwerho on SABC 2 soapie Muvhango, accepted her Ph.D at 65. 

Last year, a 75-year-old Durban-based Pumla Ntikinca graduated with her graduate degree in nursing.

Presently joining the rundown of graduates is 64-year-old Limpopo-conceived Florah Mukumo, who had South Africans going after the tissues after she accomplished quite a while fantasy about acquiring her first degree. 

Spurred, objective not set in stone, Florah as of late acquired a Lone wolf of Data Science capability at the School of Human Sciences from The College of South Africa (Unisa).

Coming from a poverty stricken home, as a little youngster, instruction was impossible.

“I was born in a very remote area called Julesburg in Tzaneen. My father died when my siblings and I were still young, and my unemployed mother was left to take care of us by herself. The situation made it difficult for me to matriculate. By the grace of God, I managed to get a job at the Ba-Phalaborwa Municipality as a cleaner,” Florah says.

While functioning as a cleaner, she was consistently anxious to learn, she adored perusing and she was keen on figuring out how to utilize the PC.

“Seeing my passion to learn, my supervisor allowed me to practice using a computer when I was done with my cleaning duties,” she says.

Florah's name was subsequently suggested for a post at the district's library as a learner library partner where her chief urged her to enroll to read further for schooling in higher learning. In 2002, she enrolled for Grown-up Essential Instruction and Preparing level 4 and PC proficiency courses.

“I attended classes after work, which was challenging, but I did it and passed. But what pushed me not to give up was that I was tired of working as a cleaner and wanted to get a better post,” Florah says.

The single parent was currently adjusting a task as cleaning, a student right hand custodian, and her investigations.

“Being a single mother is not easy and it is a full-time job,” she says. “Studying at the same time added a bigger load. But because I was expected to perform my library duties at work, I had to study during lunch, my children were very supportive including my colleagues who watched my journey with appreciation.”  

Her supervisor prompted that she later take a stab at learning through distance and e-learning through UNISA.

“This helped me to manage my time and take on a load of work that I could manage,” she says.

Presently an alumni, Flora says getting training is a blessing from heaven.

“It helped me to see things differently and to help library clients with their information needs. I am retiring next year and will continue to support community information needs in various structures such as church and community clubs.”

She energizes all the more older individuals who didn't get a chance to figure out how to never surrender and for youth to focus on their schooling.

“Anything is possible when you believe in yourself and are passionate," she says.

“People may question getting a degree at this age and think that it is not useful to have a degree at the age of 64 as I am soon going on pension, but the knowledge that I have gained through studying will empower me forever.”

Florah says she would not have done it without the help of her family and associates.

“I hope to be a leading example to my children, grandchildren, and every youth out there who is inspired by education,” she says.

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