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Days After Giving Warning Protest, White South African Parents Beat Up Black Kids In School (VIDEOS)

Days After Giving Warning Protest, White South African Parents Beat Up Black Kids In School.

It's really no more news to us all that South Africa has been having the issue of racism in its core. Sadly this racial issues have kept on eating deep into our nation, with little to nothing being done about it.

Moreso the issue keeps compounding due to the ways and manner with which the South African police treats Mzansi people with force and tyranny whilst the white counterparts are cherished. Also the government evidently funds their cause whilst dragging their feet for the blacks.

Now viral news has in it the moment a group of White parents were caught on video pushing and beating black kids. This comes just four days after a group of White parents protested at a school saying if black don't like it, they should go build theirs.

However, no one knew they were planning form of physical action. Although the reason for the whites acting up is believed to be due to bullying from black kids.

According to the video shared by Twitter influencer, Follower RSA, the white fathers of some white kids at Hoerskool Tegnies school in Witbank, stood in the gap to fight and beat up black kids who bullies their kids.

Hundreds of South Africans especially blacks have since trooped into the post to air their views, whilst others claim this is inviting violence and possible war, others are supporting what the parents did saying most black kids are bullies. Here are some reactions below;

"He also tells them that they have the right to be respectful towards others and to be respected by others"

"He said we cannot allow it any longer that people walk over us and be spat on and be beaten because of our skin color or because we have a little less than others or because we feel less than others."

"What's funny is they still scared of the blacks"

"They have the right to demand respect, accountability, safety & if they don’t give it to you. you have the right to stand up & demand it."

"The only important message he suppose to tell them is to pack their shit and go back to Europe."

"War war war, warning! War war war, they want it people. I CANNOT WAIT."

This is rather shocking and sad to see because, young people do fight and the best way to handle the issue as a parent is by cautioning and punishing both parties and not the other way round.

What do you think about this? Kindly share your thoughts below.

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