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Covid-19 SA: Here's What You Should Know Before Sending Your Child Back To School Full-time

As learners all over the country returns to school to begin with their 2022 academic year, the World Health Organisation (WHO) released a statement saying that the return of learners under these conditions is supposed to he practiced cautiously to ensure that they do not catch the corona virus that could increase the risk of illness in our country. 

It says learners who have conditions like asthma and diabetes are at a higher risk of contacting the virus compared to learners who don’t have any conditions. 

“Current reports reveals that people with conditions such as chronic illness are at higher risk of contacting and developing severe disease leading to death than people without other health conditions.

“This also happens to be the case for learners since school reopened, but more information and investigation is still needed,” said the organisation. 

While recent studies says that the risk of Covid-19 infections for children is lower when comparing to adults but safety precautions still need to be followed to minimize the risk of infecting the virus among children, and the good thing about returning to school still need to be considered. 

School managers still need to follow the Covid-19 protocols from their gate to the pick-up point where learners are being dropped off. Teachers need to practice good hygiene in public transport and also in their community. 

Meanwhile, the National Institute for Communicable Diseases said it is crucial to have doors and windows open during the school lessons all the time to minimise the risk of Covid-19 spreading in classrooms.

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