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Skeem Saam|| Magongwa is intimidated by Evelyn that is why he is discouraging her to apply

Magongwa wants to become the new principal of Turf High with all his heart. But it is going to be hard for him if all other teachers will apply for the post.

He knows that Evelyn has potential and he is afraid that she may be chosen as the new Principal of Turf High instead of him. He decided to discourage her so that she does not apply.

He asked her if she was going to apply for the position and she said no. He came to her again to let her know that her not applying for the position is a great idea but unfortunately, she had changed her mind. She told him that she decided to apply.

Magongwa started to get scared. He told her that if she applied, the Department will do background checks and when they find out about her past they will not choose her. Evelyn got scared. Later she went to visit Magongwa to let him know that she will not be scared by anyone and that she will apply for the post of becoming a principal.


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