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The Truth| Blade Nzimande Has Passively Let Down Millions Of NSFAS Students

The Truth| Blade Nzimande Has Passively Let Down Millions Of NSFAS Students

Date: 2021/12/01

Blade Nzimande has blamed the Universities of South Africa for creating useless skills that do not meet the needs of South Africans and students after they leave school, they are letting millions of students graduate without purpose or directions.

Higher education and training minister Blade Nzimande. File image

The Minister of Higher Education said the government will not fund 7% more students compared to the 2021 academic year as they were already on a shortfall as the government is cutting the educational expense from R42bn to R32bn.

For example, when students leave the University of Johannesburg after studying for a certain degree, they are still not able to find employment after a number of years, which is the sad truth, why should the government continue to fund unemployed debtors of which they have not to work for.

Nothing is useless such as a university degree in the 21 century in South Africa, the schools are just bloated with people that are not really preparing the youth for life in any sense, they teach them about case studies of 1987 in 2021.

Blade has had a silver spoon in his mouth for far too long, he is forgetting about some courses that are good in some of these failing public institutions that also have bad degrees that do not have value.

Students should choose wisely, they must be able to analyze society and provide a service or product better than anyone. Blade must tell the truth to the youth that big private business does not fit in their plan if they continue to not apply themselves and challenge themselves to be stronger.

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NSFAS is the solution if you are going to be able to apply yourself and be number one and eliminate the competition which could be in the way, and the only way is with Love, because without we do not exist, we should also as the youth not be angry at the students who chose the correct degrees that will contribute to society. The student aid has been struggling to pay fees on time but if you want to go to varsity that is good.


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