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Skeem Saam: Evelyn testimony could end principal Thobakgale's career See why

Evelyn testimony could end principal Thobakgale's career, because principal Thobakgale never be fair to Evelyn because she was always trying to mock her even though Evelyn was trying to do the right things, the worst part is that she attacked her physically in front of all the teachers.

Evelyn is suffering with panic attack and Principal Thobakgale brought back her bad memories, the problem with principal Thobakgale is that she never be friendly to the teachers she always tells them what they do if she wants.

Now Principal Thobakgale realises that she wronged Evelyn a big time, but it is too late because they already too legal actions against her.

And Evelyn believes that principal Thobakgale is a bully, according to the way she was treating her ,she never expected principal to treat teachers anyhow.

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Evelyn Skeem Saam Thobakgale


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