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Meet a South African Truck driver who graduated with a bachelor of Education Degree at the age of 39


It take a strong man to stand up and work his feet up. In this life nobody will pull you through if you not determined enough to work hard as a man. People who does not believe that age restrict one from achieving greatness stand up and do what is right for their lives. A 39year old man who spent years driving trucks, achieved greatness in at his mid-age.

Sibonele Nzimande from KZN obtained education degree, while some of us young people still have the mentality that we are old to go back to school. This man became a motivation on social media, after revealing how determined he was to work the kind of job he truly wanted in life. " I did not wanna settle for the job I did not want" he shared.

All I wanted was to use my education to become a role model to my children, by far from home for work was is the last thing on my mind right now. Briefly news shared that Sibonelo studied during working hours to strive towards obtaining a degree.

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