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Primary Education


Teen "13" caught with Mom's vibrator at school poking other kids.

Drugs, firearms, and sex toys are allegedly being brought to school by primary school students.

According to Gilbert Monaisa, chairman of the national school governing body (SGB), students have recently been disrespectful towards instructors because they are under the effect of narcotics.

Monaisa was speaking at the Gauteng Department of Community Safety's safety conference in Diepkloof, Soweto, on Sunday, May 15.

He said "They have no regard for their teachers. They arrive at school in high spirits. These students are drug addicts in primary school. Please assist us, parents. These students bring weapons to school ".

He claimed that because teachers were getting younger, students were contemptuous of them.

"Our current teachers are millennials. Teachers who serve as mother and father figures are no longer available."

According to Monaisa, a young boy took a sex item to school at a primary school in Diepkloof recently.

"This young man is thirteen. He brought a vibrator to school and used it to poke other students. When we inquired about it, he stated that it belonged to his mother "he claimed.

Please, parents, discuss the situation of these children, particularly at the elementary school level, so that we can understand how we may help them.

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