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Price of School Fees at St John's Collge Leaves Mzansi Speechless:See how Much it Costs/Opinion


The matric results are finally out and its that time where matriculants find out if their hard work paid off.So far we have seen that many students did so well and achieved so many distinctions. But one school did that did so well is the St Johns Private college .The students achieved a 100% pass rate .The highest having 9 distinctions with 95,9% average and is on his way to Havard University. One of the most prestigious University's in the world.

Seeing such results made people to start thinking of taking their kids to the school which is a private institution.However once people saw how much the school actually costs they changed their minds instantly.

This is definately one of the most expensive schools in Africa and with school fees like that we definitely dont expect anything less from them .It is expected that they should give out 100% passrate .

The school costs Almost R200 000 a year for highschool thats is grade 8 to 12 .Thats a lot of money and almost 90% of all South Africans cannot afford these kind of fees .Most dont even get paid that much a year .To afford this school you need to be a business person and be doing a little bit of heists here and there , of course im just joking .

But Education is the best investment a parent could ever make for their child .It gives them a good head start in life .For instance look at the Saze Bongwe the one who is going to Havard. Do you think if his parents had taken him to a dysfunctional public school he would be going to Havard .Definately No .In fact which kid from a public school has ever gone to an Ivy League University.Noone .In fact even if you were to get the same Results as distinctions , you would never step into Havard .This thing is not just about results but about connections .

Contiinue saying it doesnt matter where you went to school 

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