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Graduates angered by insensitive tweet, see more

"Stop promoting exploiting" Graduates angered by insensitive twitter, see more

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A lot has changed in the last decade. The value of R3000 in 2011 is not the same value held by the same amount in 2021! There's been a trend on Twitter where those who were employed a few years ago are invalidating the concerns of new graduates and their salary expectations!

So, employment places have a tendency of offering internships over direct employment and this is for a number of reasons. The obvious one is to give experience to graduates who would otherwise not be offered employment without experience and another reason is just to exploit graduates at a fraction of what companies would be expected to pay if they were really employing graduates!

After a few tweets asking graduates why they are so short sighted, counter arguments dominated the timeline that it is unfair to expect that people go to get educated only to settle for a salary that is less than that of people working in retail or are unqualified!

What angered graduate twitter is the fact that a few people went on the timeline to claim that they are being ungrateful for refusing salaries which usually range from R3000 to R4000. While most of the tweeps who were claiming this were coming from a position of wanting to drive the narrative of getting experience over monetary value, working for peanuts after graduating does not make sense. Why are we being encouraged to get educated if we will still be told to forget about our qualifications when we seek employment? Additionally, coming from a family that is looking up to you to get them out of poverty means that you are basically working for nothing because all of the R4000 you will be getting, will have to be directed to buying groceries for the family, uniform for kids and even going towards extending houses that were only still standing by the grace of God!

Even when graduates try to make people see that the value of money has decreased and expenses have gone up, they are met with the usual "you are just arrogant, accept the offer and work your way up" remarks.

One of the tweeps who fail to comprehend that things have changed is @Mdixx who tweeted that "My first salary was R3000, why do y'all feel like you can't work your way up? You just wanna arrive and be earning how much exactly?" He also added that he had to drastically reduce his expenses and made it work. Unfortunately for him, he was soon made to realize that 15 years ago, petrol was R5 so he should not be comparing today's R3000 with 15 years' ago R3000.

This "I suffered, and so should everyone else" thing y'all do, is very curious. The kids want better, Abuti. YOU deserved better too back then. Good for them.

It’s literally not rocket science how inflation works but you wanna tell us ka R3000 ya 2002 ka 2021? Just say you hate candidate attorneys and go💀

Your telling us about something that happened 15 years ago?! Please your frame of reference is outdated

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