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South Africans reacts angrily to what a Nigerian professor who allegedly used a fake degree


South Africa is one of the African countries which houses more than fourteen millions of foreigners, legal and illegal. With that being said, foreigners have been making mockery of South Africa as they keep being bursted for committing crimes and falsifying qualifications.

Professor Edwin is suspected of having occupied his position using a fake degree.

"Disgraced professor Edwin Ijeoma, the former academic who resigned after being accused of admitting unqualified civil servants postgraduate degrees at university of Fort Hare, may have himself used fake degree", read the tweet

"Im so angry aft this useless government . At least, I am proud of myself and those who are fighting this nonsense, let us unite and fight", one commented.

" Those foreigners (many with fake and questionable qualifications) are put of the pedestal and hired in key positions in our institutions. This is when we have many of qualified South Africans. Many of our universities have been messed up by corruption facilitated by the same people ", one said

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