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RIP || Two Boys Died Before They Reach Their First Day At School For Their Last Term.

Yesterday it was the first day at school , after schools were on short holidays . Yesterday most students were going back to school for the last season in 2021. 

As much there's excitement about their return , but the family of Mkhize and Ngcobo in Umzinto , they are heart broken as they have lost people they care about heading to school to build their future. 

Sandile Ngcobo And Nhlaka Mkhize they have died on their way to their school Sihle High School in the lower South Coast of the province in KwaZulu Natal. 

The news was revealed by Mdu Emzinto on his social media , he was crying out loud for the innocent souls that have died on their 1st day to school "Brothers and sisters we are still in a shock for the passing of friends yesterday morning Sandile Ngcobo and Nhlaka Mkhize, god have chosen to take them on their 1st day at school. They were knocked by a car on their way to school, rest in peace boys ", said Mdu Emzinto on his Facebook , Mdu tagged people who were close to him and they have shown heart broken emojis and some they don't believe what have just happened to them . 

This is such a very sad news , family and friends of the boys lord be with you

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Mdu Emzinto Mkhize Nhlaka Mkhize Sandile Ngcobo Umzinto


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