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Is Matric Even Worth It?

Some international students find it hard to enroll in South African universities, simply because the curriculum in their country is deemed lower than matric. For example, those with IGCSE often have to seek exemption. A South African economist caused shockwaves recently when he said that the matric certificate isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. Is this true and if so, why is it the case?

Matric the Trick?

Economist Dr. Lethabi Leoka believes the education system in the republic doesn’t equip learners with business skills. He also said more flexibility was needed in terms of degree requirements and subject choices. Leoka isn’t the only calling for a paradigm shift in the schooling system, the private sector has also noted the need for educational reforms. Cyril Ramaphosa himself has said that entrepreneurship should be a part of the school syllabus. Even Swaziland’s Ministry of Youth and Cultural Affairs launched an initiative whereby university students will be taught how to make a good business plan. This is so they know how to make a good pitch for the country’s Youth Enterprise Revolving Fund.

The very fundamentals upon which the education system is based will need to be revised. This calls for pedagogues and luminaries of the sector to step up. Companies will have to jump on board. PwC cannot just demand the education system to change, they need to help make it happen. With the financial muscle such institutions haves, it could all be done quickly and easily.

New School

Many matriculants end up not furthering their studies. They either settle for general worker positions in companies, or they end up being self-employed. Our Ministry of Education needs to realize that not all matriculants will end up going to university. Some will need to be taught practical business skills to apply in the very real and cutthroat world of entrepreneurship.

Do you think matric is worth it? What do you think it prepares learners for; the world of work, academia, business; all or none? Would you ever go back to matric if you had the chance and what would you change about it? Share with a teacher, show us you mean business in the comments below, and FOLLOW FOR MORE!

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