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VIDEO: My learners surprised me with a huge happy birthday wish

Itumeleng Madiege went to work, and when she got into the premises of her workplace at the school, she found her learners waiting for her to wish her a beautiful birthday in the morning. She was speechless with how she was welcomed and it was a great moment that made her day beautiful, and it will be one of the best moments of her birthday.

Chris Excel felt jealous because during their time at school, nothing like this had happened. Surely they did not know when their teachers would have their birthdays. It is very important for the people you are working with to know when it is your birthday and in that way, your colleagues would have a surprise for you.

From how they have wished her a great birthday, it shows that it was beautifully rehearsed, probably with their choreographer in front. It is good because she will have a good relationship with her learners and they will remember her when they have left completed phase learning at the school. Surely the children also feel safe when they are in class with her.

A moment like this would be one of those for which you would want to be a teacher because of the experience. To have a good treatment from other people means you have to be good. In that way, you will see the results of being good to people who are close to you. But it does not mean you have to be good to everyone close to you.

Madiege will love being at the school because of the treatment. It is a place where you can have a fruitful treatment. You will love it more. You will not have many reasons why you should not be happier. It was a refreshing moment to have to engage with the learners without anything that had to do with learning in class.

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