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Matric Results| Limpopo Province becomes the only province that performed below 70%

The official matric results are now out. And the pass rate of class 2021 is 76.4%, an increase of 0.2% from 2020. While announcing the final matric results of 2021 the current Minister of basic education Angie Motshekga indicated the fact that for the past ten years or so, the NSC pass rates have consistently been going up from 60% in 2009, to above 70% in recent years. Minister of Basic Education said that the Class of 2021 must be applauded for having maintained this trend, despite the astronomical challenges they faced during the year.

In the overall pass rate per province, Limpopo seems to be the only province that significantly failed to obtain above 70% pass rate.

The Free State has managed to obtain position one with 85.7%, an improvement of 0.6% from 2020

The Gauteng Province secured the second position with 82.8%, a 1.0% decline from 2020

Western Cape obtained 81.2%, an improvement of 1.3% from 2020

North West achieved at 78.2%, an improvement of 2.0% from 2020 – the third highest improvement

KwaZulu-Natal managed to achieve 76.8% pass rate, a decline of 0.8% from 2020

Mpumalanga secured 73.6%, a 0.1% decline from 2020

The Eastern Cape achieved at 73.0%, an improvement of 4.9% from 2020 – the second highest improvement;

The Northern Cape achieved at 71.4%, a 5.4% improvement from 2020 – the highest improvement

Number last is Limpopo Province which managed to achieve at 66.7%, a 1.5% decline from 2020.

From the official results, Limpopo becomes the only province which failed to get to 70% pass rate.

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