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Patrice Motsepe is filthy rich | See how much he pays for his son school fees

It is often said that the best investment in education pays the best interest. In South Africa receiving a basic education is a human right but a large part of the population in the country are unable to afford proper schooling.

According to one shocking recent statistic, households in South Africa have to make room in their budget to pay for one rising school tuition.

In South Africa it is largely known that the richest 1% of the population can easily afford to give their children the best education possible. Most of these "rich kids" often go to private schools and colleges. Despite the best education they might receive in those institutions they are also often exposed to some extracurricumulum activities and they are also able to recognise their talents at a very young age.

With a net-worth estimated at $2,4 billion, a figure in the region of R35,93 billion, businessman and philanthropist Patrice Motsepe can easily afford to give his children the best education possible. We have since went to learn that his son Kgosi currently goes to one of the best colleges in South Africa, St Albans in Pretoria.

We would have the opportunity to learn that the college is registered with the Independent Examination Board (IEB). The IEB is an independent accredited body registered with Umalusi. In most cases in the past decade we have seen that most best performing students at senior level are part of the IEB curriculum.

Out of curiosity we have decided to investigate as to how much does billionaire Patrice Motsepe pays for his son tuition at the institution. We would have the privilege to learn that fees for boarding and tuition are priced at R272 850 per annum at St Albans College. We would further go to learn that a day scholar at the college pays R155 100 per annum, making it one of most expensive colleges in the country.

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