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Universities That Will Make You Regret Accepting Their Admission

Dear readers, the article today comes as a warning to the current matriculants who are busy writing their final examination. Some of them have already applied in numerous universities and some have already made up their mind on which University they will go to next year. But however as a grade 12, you have very little knowledge about what happens in Universities. So today I wrote this article to help you guys make the right decision.

1. UFS (University Of Free State)

If there is one University you should consider as your last option, it should be University of Free State, especially if you're being placed at Qwaqwa Campus. Of course, I'll give you a reason why you shouldn't consider this University as your first choice. The reason you shouldn't consider this University as your first option is because the authorities(staff members) do as they wish, they're very corrupt with NSFAS money and the comrades(SASCO in particular) are very lazy to protest the concerns of the students. So if you happen to get an offer from the UFS, don't hesitate to accept it but do not register immediately, atleast wait until you get admission from other universities.

2. VUT (Vaal University Of Technology)

It is not really a surprise to see a University of Technology in this list because most of them are very poor. I will talk about other Universities of technology later on but for now let me shift my focus on VUT. First of all, VUT health cares lacks Doctor-Patient Confidentiality. If you go to their health care regarding a certain disease, you can be guaranteed that in the next 4 days your name will be roaming around the campus. Another thing about VUT is how their Res are very expensive with very cheap service delivery. Ceilings are leaking, taps are jagged and I don't even want to talk about the showers.

3. UL (University Of Limpopo)

This is probably the worst higher institution learning in Polokwane. If you want to experience corruption at first hand, go to UL. So let me put it this way, corruption is everywhere, that I agree but with UL it's 10 times worse. The authorities loot NSFAS money and give the students peanuts on top of that they interfere with votes. Just in case you don't know, there are political parties that run the University. This happens in every university and the votes are fairly decided. But with UL that's another story, a party called SASCO(ANC) is somehow in power even though they did not won the votes. Next level corruption if you ask me. So as a student, you should decide, am I going to University to protest every month or to study. If you want to study, don't go to UL or you'll protest every month.

4. TUT (Tshwane University Of Technology)

This was bound to happen. TUT deserves to be in this list. Their level of corruption and poor officiating at the University is very blatant. This University is very obsessed with money they even have 3 campuses in 3 different provinces. I won't even talk about how they looted the NSFAS money and gave students very little allowance. What I will talk about is how students received some of the worst laptops brands. It is bad enough that students didn't get quality laptops but what's worse is students didn't receive book allowance because of those damn laptops. If you want a full University experience don't go to TUT. You can check their small campuses that look like primary schools for reference. This is how I'll conclude my article today. I don't know why NSFAS hasn't concluded a report about these corrupt universities. Students are being treated miserably but nothing is bring done.

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