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Students Asked Difficult Questions The Urination Incident

Unexpected Twist Shocker To The White Guy That Urinated The Textbooks

Date: 2022/05/19

Theuns du Toit is in trouble for peeing on a black man's textbooks on campus, he made a mistake while he was drunk that is true, but is no excuse for urinating on another’s student's study material like that.


This has turned into a racist act and the Sascoc political party that is owned by the African National Congress that is disbanding the youth league, as they believe it is out of shape and is losing its core belief which is to fight an African child whose rights were violated and caused a major uproar on campus.

Theus is expected to appear in court soon as they have opened a criminal investigation against his actions. He is the kind of man that did what he saw his father do as a young man, it is a generational curse thing of racism and in America, a white young man went on a killing spree when he opened fire against people in public for absolutely no reason.


Most of the white young Americans are losing their minds, same as the Stellenbosch boys, instead of them having to go to therapy it looks like they should see psychologists, and he should go to court cases and tell them that he is seeing medical attention.

It is shocking that a criminal case has been opened against him, people feel like they are tired of politicians taking advantage of their kindness, the boy whose books were urinated on should also be able to speak for himself as he has a college degree.

The people know that what happened is likely going to happen again if they do not address it and deal with it right there and then. Some people are saying he should be locked up with immediate effect as what he did should not be condoned.


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