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My word on the so-called honorary doctorate conferred on Boti Majulie

For any institution that does not offer any PhD studies, college or high school, to have the power to confer honorary doctorates sounds very problematic to me. I see no world where this can be justified.

Irrespective of who the beneficiary is, such an action debases the very idea of an honorary doctorate. I hope the school will come forward and explain, and hopefully apologize. We have to take ourselves more seriously than that.

What is the body of evidence on his contribution to any field? Who assessed this? Who took this decision? We should not accept some of these things just like that.

Everything is wrong with whatever happened in that institution about that honorary degree. To start with, they don't have any degree programmes of their own. If by any slim chance they have any degree programmes it must be Unisa degrees. I think they must be investigated and suspended from the department of higher education and training. Academic industry should not be reduced to mediocrity. It's not bad to Honour someone, but that individual needs to have had outstanding contribution.

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