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Lady told to relax after writing, I am the second black female president at University of Pretoria

Lady told to relax after writing "I am the second black female president at University of Pretoria"

While you're here, please follow me.

A young woman shared her achievement on Twitter but instead of getting congratulatory messages, she was told that she has gatekeeping tendencies!

According to the post, she's proud to be the second black female president at the University of Pretoria. She continued to give praise to God for blessing her with the opportunity!


Unfortunately, not everyone received her post well because for some, this is not an achievement to begin with because majority of the country is black, it should not be startling to see black people in power. The fact that she felt the need to mention her blackness shows that she's gatekeeping spaces which were never meant for her to begin with!

Second black female in our own black country, how is this an achievement..??

That's why actually nothing ever changes, because we don't believe that we are human beings, "first black this, only black that" just gatekeeping tendencies, it's actually self insulting these kinds of assertions.

This can only be an achievement in a European country, in SA this should be an insult considering the majority of people studying there are black

How is this an achievement in a Black Majority country? Gate keeping tendencies

The system of colonialism which is underscored by racism and white supremacy is so brutal that black think being first in their own country is an achievement 🤦. Hence Dr Francis Cress wrote: if you don't understand racism and white supremacy everything you know will confuse you

However, there were also a few people who congratulated her and requested that she challenges the policy which forces students to write their names on examination papers.

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