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Grade 12 Katlego Mqendlani Was Arrested After He Was Caught With An Airgun At School

Katlego Mqendlani who is a 21 years old was detained after allegedly being caught with an air gun at school, the parents of this student had to basically go to the school and talk for their child who had been suspended and they had to bail their child out because they had done something that is incredibly criminal in nature.

Katlego is in Gr 12 So there are many concerns about why he was in a situation where he brought a weapon to the school because this is incredibly illegal and don’t want to be in possession of a gun, especially at school where other school children may be at risk of getting shot and it could happen either way even if it happens by mistake it is truly a very unfortunate incident.

His school mates caused havoc last week protesting his arrest and detainment for allegedly brandishing a firearm On the school premises, it is funny that they were defending the suspects who could have easily also shot at the victims by mistake this is something that can happen at any point and it is incredibly concerning for the authorities to find themselves in such a position.

It was part of their “40 days’’ celebration that they dubbed “40 days of corruption’’, the student will very revolutionary and they think that they can simply protest for anything and it is clear that they have much bigger problems than they can anticipate they have nothing to do with their small cause.

More needs to be done to ensure that our schools are safe because we cannot afford a situation where schoolchildren are taking out their frustrations on other people, and creating a very unfavorable situation for a lot of people so you can imagine this is something that a lot of people don't want.

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