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How Will Panyaza Handle This? A Student Caught On Camera Throwing A Dustbin In His Teachers Face

Panyaza Is Giving The Students A Lot Of Freedom.

After a video of a teacher was shared on Twitter showing a teacher combing a students hair, many parents complained about that including Panyaza Lesufi. They said the teacher was abusing the students, she was supposed to turn them back home to comb their hair or tell them to come back tomorrow.

What people seems to forget is that since this Coronavirus Pandemic, the children are attending twice or three times a week, so the time that they get must be productive. They should use their days to do things that will help them in future or in their exams. It is so disappointing to see how our children are disrespecting their teachers at school.

This students was caught on camera looking at his question paper and realising that he doesn't know anything there and then he chosed to leave the classroom.

Before leaving, he came with a dustbin full of papers and he threw it in teacher's face. He then approached the door once again and saw a fire extinguisher behind the door. He kicked that fire extinguisher until it had fallen down and left it there along with the door wide open. As parents seems to be defending their children whenever they are wrong let us here what they have to say now.

Parents are failing to reprimand their children, they let them do anything they want anytime they want it. This becomes a challenge to the teacher's because they find themselves mixed up in this situation and not knowing how to fix it.


Even if some parents understand but some are blaming the teacher as usual.

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