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Good news| Panyazi Lesufi to visit several schools in Gauteng to see if they are coping



The MEC of education in the Gauteng province Panyaza Lesufi will be visiting various schools in the province to check if their following correct measures towards the Covid-19 pandemic this week, where he will be working with various stakeholders in the province to ensure that there is safety in schools.

Schools were open today in the country and Lesufi will use this as an opportunity to interact with both students and the teachers who are committed to working during these difficult times, that the country is facing as many people are left homeless without food on their tables.

The pandemic has come at a wrong time when the country was trying to fix the problems that were caused by the apartheid government that has caused many people to have less education in their lives, and this might be one of those days where many leaders will have to look back on what could have caused this problem.

It is very sad to see how the students have been affected by this problem caused by the pandemic because they are spending few hours in schools and spend most of them at home, and it is where they are getting the challenges from because they don't spend enough time with their teachers.

They are a lot of things that the people need to look at and that's where Lesufi is visiting these schools to check if they are coping with the third wave of this virus which has caused serious damages, and this needs to be fixed quickly because they are few months left for the final examination to start.

The competition is high in the country when it comes to the matric results were Gauteng is competing with the Free State province to claim the number 1 spot, and after the Free State won first place on two years in the row the province will be working hard to make sure that they get the first position.

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Gauteng MEC Panyaza Panyazi Lesufi


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