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Watch the MEC Lesufi give his thoughts about schools which reopened today

In the video link at the bottom is the MEC for Education in Gauteng Mr Panyaza Lesufi giving his thoughts about the schools which reopened on the 26th of July 2021.The link at the bottom is a video in which South Africa is made to hear what seems to trouble the MEC and how it will be addressed by his department

The MEC visited one of the schools in Springs which is regarded as having performed in a bad manner as it was at the bottom compared to other schools in the province. He revealed the need for the school to perform better as a lot of investment had been made.

When schools do not produce good marks , the community members lose confidence in the school and everything about it .It was a good call that was made by the MEC for Education.

It is unknown why the performance was bad , but it is alway important for a school to strive to produce the best in everything. When resources are available, the performance must be good as well.

The school visited has all the infrastructure and has many classes as well.This puts the school under pressure to produce good results as it has all the resources.

The MEC for Education Mr Panyaza in the video was asked what his department was anticipating as being some problems that may arise since the schools reopened .In response he spoke about anxiety of parents and the learners about returning to school.

It is correct that there may be anxiety in some parents who have to release their children to schools .The Delta variant which is responsible for many infections is still around. It is worrying to note that the variant is also spread in children under the age of 18.

It is for such reasons that parents may be anxious about the reopening of schools.The MEC did touch on the issue of the return of learners in the middle of winter .

He expressed concerns that the classrooms may not be comfortable for the learners as temperatures may be low .These may discourage learners from attending school.

Mr Lesufi managed to touch on the return of educators as the major thing that may help bring confidence in the parents and learners .He said his department had vaccinated 93 percent of the education staff and hopes that the remaining ones get vaccinated too.


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