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SHS Boys and Teachers who have had their schools shamed due to their awful deeds

We yesterday examined auxiliary school young ladies who have had their schools shamed in light of their awful deeds and it will unquestionably be biased in the event that we don't view the male side also too.

Along these lines we are today going to examine auxiliary school young men who have had their schools shamed due to their awful deeds and it's truly shocking concerning the sort of disgrace they brought to themselves and their schools on the loose.

In addition, let me stress that the rundown will not be finished without bringing the demonstrations of certain instructors which carried disgrace to their schools too and I am certain you as of now have a few educators as a primary concern as an understudy or as a previous understudy.

Let start;

- Final Year Student of Ghana National College captured for supposed

One Frederick Ayisi, a last year understudy of the Ghana National College got the entire nation talking when it was affirmed he has ra.ped a 16-year-old structure one understudy.

He is said to have attracted the 16-year-old first-year understudy of a similar school to a disconnected corner of the school and ra.ped her.

The school specialists revealed the occurrence to the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) of the police at Cape Coast after their primer examinations.

I do believe that was something to be thankful for with respect to the school yet it was very appalling he hauled the school's name through the mud.

Two Juaben SHS Boys Gang Rape First Year Student

It was accounted for two last year understudies of Juaben Senior High School in the Ashanti district have been captured by the Ejisu Police for supposedly group a structure one understudy of the school.

Daniel Opoku and Paul Otabil are accounted for to enjoy taken excessive benefit of late blackouts nearby, to the 15-year old young lady nearby.

The two understudies were captured after the casualty detailed her experience to the school's Senior House Mistress. The can't positively be finished without the two young men been connected to their school.

St Louis SHS educator captured subsequent to paying understudy assault casualty GHS10K to quiet down

An educator who by one way or another carried disgrace to his school is no other individual than one Douglas Adade. He is said to have even hacked up 100,000,000 old Ghana cedis in his journey to quiet the casualty down.

Apparently is by all accounts his conduct in the school as the beset guide, prevalently referred to on the school's grounds as 'Sir Doggie', is purportedly noted for mentioning for s.ex from understudies in return for grades - thus his moniker.

The Kitchen Stool Teacher

The rundown will not positively be finished when the kitchen stool instructor is forgotten about. He as the dean of Adumanu DA Basic school and his s.ex position with one of his previous understudies got everybody talking.

It positively turned into an all the rage in the nation as he set the precedent for a new s.ex position. Regarding how his video got spilled, it is accepted the video was on the memory chip of his 'life partner' and her sibling saw the video when he gathered her telephone to move melodies. Different companions of her sibling additionally saw the video and they chose to spread this is on the grounds that they had proposed love to her and she rejected.

The headteacher was sacked by his paymasters however it seems his video will remain on the web until the end of time.

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