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In Shock: White Teacher In Fist Fight With Learner Inside Classroom.

A frightening video shows a white female teacher getting into a fist fight with a black student inside the classroom, which was captured on camera.

An argument broke out between the student and the teacher when the teacher accused the learner of speaking another language during her classes and violently snatched her phone.

Students were able to see as their teachers physically removed and then returned the student's desk, as if she was intending to break their legs with it.

All of this was taking place as other students watched, yet no one budged an inch

At this point, the student got to her feet and came up to the instructor, begging for her phone back. As a result, when the female student retaliated, she used an excessive amount of force, thereby defeating her.

Many people's reactions to this video are conflicted. When it comes to dealing with black pupils, some are questioning the behaviour of white instructors, especially as opposed to dealing with white students.

The generation of students, on the other hand, is cited as being rude toward their professors and believing that they have a right to do so.

"If you don't respect professors and follow their orders, you're doomed to fail. She is using her smart phone in the classroom when the teacher is talking, and she is acting like she is interacting with her boyfriend while the teacher is speaking "others stated.

"Drinking urine is a punishment for being black. It's disgusting to see them urinating on black people's possessions. They slap the children of persons of African American descent.

It's expected that blacks will be forgiving. Invoking the evil within a black person is necessary in order to demonstrate to whites where to get off, "Some folks had a negative reaction.

Those who oppose the use of corporal punishment in the classroom say that instructors are educated how to deal with such situations and that slapping a child is not one of the guidelines they learn.


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