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See how She Became One of SA's Youngest Medical Doctors

By Rihlampfu Neva

Dr Thakgalo Thibela has long aspired to working in hospital to help people with poor health condition or ailing.At this juncture, she is 21 years, she is now living her fulfilled dream.

Thibela who coming from Violet Bank, a tiny village in Bushbuckridge, Mpumalanga, is one of SA’s youngest qualified doctors. She begun her medical internship at Helen Joseph Hospital, Johannesburg, this year 2021 and she's hoping to own her surgery in the upcoming years.

Dr Thibela is currently acquiring both practical and theoretical experience in her day to day work. Her great work is enormous than her age. She is showing zeal in her work. Helping happy patients recovers rapidly. Everyone cheers and wishing her well in the medical industry.

“I am enjoying what I am doing at the hospital. I am getting clinical exposure and theoretical knowledge is also reinforced. The only question I always get from amazed patients and staff members is, ‘how old are you?’,” said Thibela.

“What I like about my job is that though I may look young, patients never refuse to be examined [by me], instead they are surprised and end complimenting me for being a doctor at an early age,” she said.

Her brilliance emerged at an early age. Her unmatchable performance seen her promoted from Grade 6 straight to Grade 8 in high school due to her magnitude academic excellence.

“I was excited and nervous when the principal told my parents and I that because of my academic excellence, the school decided not to waste my time and promote me to high school,” she remembered.

Another school, Lehlasedi High, in Shatale village promoted Thibela from Grade 9 to Grade 10 after a mere week through her hardworking ethics academically. Extra-mural activities boosted her confidence and eradicated shyness and she's still shining even to date.

“I was the top of the class and as a result I was promoted to Grade 10 after the principal realised my potential. In school, I was active in extramural activities such as drama, netball, choir, poetry and debate,” Thibela said.

One of her visionary and supportive teacher who saw a never dying potential in her, adviced a multi-gifted learner to honour extra lessons to pick up her scores.

“I attended extra classes even on Saturdays. I studied with friends to improve my marks,” she stressed.

Thibela excelled in her matric at 15 years , scooping distinctions in Mathematics, Physical Science, Life Orientation, Agricultural Sciences, History, and Sepedi Home Language. She got 'B' in English second language.

It was amazing for a young star who was aged 16 to enroll for a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at Wits University and her tuition fees were funded by a bursary.

Her mother is a primary school teacher and her father is a manager at a local municipality.

Thibela highlighted that hard work and focus earned her a license through varsity. Her fellow peers used to mock at her articulation of some English words. At some point she used to shiver when expected to speak publicly fearing that she will be laughed at.

“I was deeply demoralised and that affected my self-esteem. It made me afraid to express myself in front of my peers.”

Dr Thibela is full of ambitions. She had developed some interest to pursue neurosurgery. This really tells that through commitment and determination you can achieve what you want.

“I developed an interest in neurosurgery when I held a human brain during dissection in second year of my studies at university. I want to learn more about it and diseases that affect the nervous system in general and how to treat them.”


Content created and supplied by: Rihlampfu (via Opera News )

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