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This King is an Employee at a University


The University of eSwatini, the self-proclaimed university of choice in Africa is home to an unusual power structure. Somewhere in the payroll is a salary for King Mswati III, but how much is it and what does he do exactly?

There is no doubting the competitive edge of UNESWA, in spite of all the countless shortcomings. As progressive as you'd expect a university to be, culture is so important to the institution that they thought it fit to give His Majesty a post.

The chancellor is the highest paid employee of the university, earning well over R200, 000 a month. Every graduate has to shake his hand, every new building must be 'unveiled' by him and livestock must be offered during every graduation; all in honour of the noble chancellor.

Do you think the king does any hands-on work at UNESWA? Is it a good thing for His Majesty to hold this position? How do you think the king can be of help to higher education in the compact kingdom? 

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