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"I am Ready To Lose My Job" A Teacher Painfully Talks After Government Ordered Compulsory Training


The education sector is currently embroiled in a tangle of political debate. The most recent is a government mandate requiring all teachers employed by the Teachers Service Commission to participate in refresher courses every five years, effective immediately.

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In an announcement made by the commission's secretary, Nancy Macharia, it was declared that all instructors were required to renew their credentials by participating in a Teacher Professional Development program course, or else they would be deregistered from the commission. It was determined by TSC that such a step was necessary in order to assure the success of the Competence-Based Curriculum.

It caused such a commotion that the President of the Law Society of Kenya, Nelson Havi, stated that he would not fight for teachers this time and that they should refrain from contacting him. This comes only a few days after teachers and parents asked the lawyer to file a petition in court against the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Havi, on the other hand, agreed on Sunday to assist teachers in their opposition to the decision.

Teachers are also expressing their opinions in the midst of this debate. A video in high definition has gone viral, showing a teacher painfully stating that she will not comply with the government's demand.

The woman, who identified herself as Florence Obai, stated that the government had taken away their union dues and other benefits, but that they now had to pay for the courses. She accused the administration of attempting to manipulate and force teachers to the edge of the cliff. 

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