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Should a teacher do this to a student? Check out what teacher did to student which is causing Stir…

Should a teacher treat a student in this manner? Take a look at what a teacher did to a student that is causing controversy...

It is possible for everybody to recall a teacher who made a positive effect in his or her life, as well as a teacher who made his or her life miserable in a short period of time. Why? Because the interaction between a teacher and a student is at the center of all learning. Consider your favorite elementary school or high school instructor from your childhood or recent past. What was it about them that made them so dear to you? Perhaps they were the first person who helped you understand math in a way that made sense to you, or perhaps they allowed you to borrow books from their classroom library. Teachers' advice and encouragement may be life-changing, especially for younger pupils who are still learning the ropes.

Students who have positive relationships with their teachers feel more confident in their ability to take academic risks that will help them increase their academic performance. Every ounce of encouragement shared by a teacher with pupils has an impact on their educational progress.

While it is well recognized that positive teacher-student relationships improve student engagement, the impact of a bad teacher-student connection, particularly in public institutions in developing countries, has not been thoroughly investigated.

During my research, I came across a video of some pupils that has been circulating on social media and has piqued the interest of many Ghanaians online. Students in the video filmed one of their classmates who had been brutalized by a maths instructor at the school, which was then uploaded to YouTube. They claimed in the video that the math teacher smacked their friend across the back of the head with bamboo sticks, which they recorded. When the student pulled his clothing off, he revealed a large number of cane marks and swelling on his back and shoulders. This prompted me to consider whether this is the most effective method of punishing a pupil for wrongdoing.

Let us not forget that the relationship between the teacher and the student is at the heart of education, and the extent to which that relationship nurtures the longing of the child to make a difference in the world, as well as the longing of the teacher to nurture and fulfill that desire, are critical considerations. Students who are self-motivated while learning to read will be better prepared to achieve their full potential in life. One of the most effective methods to encourage this is to establish meaningful teacher-student relationships with the students. This gets me back to the topic of whether a teacher should even use bamboo sticks to cane a kid in the first place.

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