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"This will not trend because I'm not naked" Law graduate blackmails tweeps into liking her tweet

"This will not trend because I'm not naked" Law graduate blackmails tweeps into liking her tweet

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There is a lady who posted her lady parts and has been trending since yesterday because the beauty matches her face. It is in that order that other tweeps feel that the reason they are not trending for their academic excellence is that they don't degrade themselves and post their private parts on the internet.

Someone who took Twitter likes way too seriously is @CorazonKwamboks who posted pictures in her Judge gown and hat and blackmailed tweeps to like her pictures. Her caption read, "This will not trend because I am not naked" and the emotional blackmail went both ways because she received over 13K likes but received comments and retweets calling her out for blackmailing tweeps.

I think that some people put too much importance on social media and they will do anything to get the likes, even if it means guilt-tripping their followers. She got her qualifications to advance her life and for her to guilt-trip the internet to celebrate with her is both wrong and childish. No one should have to react to a post because they feel obligated to do so. She achieved something good and those who think so would have reacted to her post; even without the guilt-tripping.

You studied so that you’ll graduate and work and that’s it! As for trending, you know what to do @Mathobelasbong

Were u studying to trend? @Tabongz_SA

So you studied for trends? Sometimes be happy without the need to be trending what will you again from trends as your BuraBura is not a business your advertising. But congratulations 👏🏼❤💜💖otherwise @cambelsin

What are your thoughts? Is the lady too obsessed with social media validation that she felt the need to blackmail tweeps?

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