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How does technology help in education ?

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In today's world almost everything is digital and people have adapted new ways of doing things online. We are in the middle of pandemic of Covid-19 and since yhe outbreak of this disease things haven't been the same. Many people are are encouraged to take online classes especially universities. People are going virtual for attending lectures even writing exams.

So everything is now done online without facing problems, the only problem people experience with this online programmes is network. If you live in remote areas like rural settlement you are likely to face network problems because the are no aerial networks like in big cities. You find that the whole region depend on one network tower and it will be under pressure since it accomodate many people at the same time.

Using tablets improves computer skills and encourages independent thinking. Since tablets are portable they are easy to take along for learning experiences that students document by taking photos, videos and by making voice recordings about what they experience.

One of the pros of using tablets in the classroom is that students may be able to learn faster. Instruction that is technology based can reduce the amount of time it takes students to reach new learning objectives by as much as 80%. They also tend to read more books when provided electronically.

With tablets the learner is connected with special services and tools in and out of the classroom. They also prove teachers with tools that help them track performance. This helps a teacher plan for students with special needs and monitor their progress.

Tablets enhanced pedagogy by enabling teachers to adapt their teaching style to suit the needs of individual students and allowed for innovative ways to learn. This was particularly beneficial for special needs students. The devices also improved student, teacher and parent engagement with learning.

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