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A video of school learners turning their classroom into KONKA has left people in disbelief

A video of school learners trying to imitate what usually happens at Konka has surfaced on social media platforms, particularly on Twitter. The video shows couple of school learners playing music and holding some bottles that are supposed to contain some alcohol. Also in the video, the learners used the school writing board to write down the prices of alcohol beverages. And the prices of Alcohol beverages are quite high.

Again, the learners also used papers to make hubbly bubbly. In the video, the very same learners can be observed trying to inhale the hubbly bubbly that was made using textbook papers. The learners have went to some great length to try to replicates the things that normally takes place at Konka. As one would expec, many people who saw the video were quick to react to the video.

There is some indication that the video has left many people with more questions than answers. Some people believed the learners should be studying instead of trying to imitate what their brothers and sisters are doing at Konka. It must be remembered that, in recent days, many South African people, especially on social media, have been talking a great deal about Konka. To some considerable extent, maybe that's why learners decided to make the video

Readers can watch the video by simply clicking here

Below is the screenshots of some of the reactions of Mzansi people who saw the video

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