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Apparently there's a university course which is reported to be not registered

Imagine studying the whole four years; thereafter finding out that what you've studied doesn't exist, it's not even registered to be a university course.

Phalaphala FM which is the Venda SABC radio station has announced that the BAYID course is not part of the registered University of Venda degrees/course. It is reported that those who have this degree are considered as those who didn't go to tertiary level at all, it also means that they have to go back to the university to study something else.

Well, BAYID stands for Bachelor of Arts, Youth in Development. This course is within the school of Humanities. BAYID is all about the study process that prepares a young person to meet the challenges of adolescence and adulthood and achieve his or her full potential.

It is so suprising because some students who studied or those who are still studying are sponsored by NSFAS and how on earth would it sponsor a degree which doesn't even exist. This is so sad, what are they gonna do now? Especially those who have already obtained their degrees, their degrees are now just a piece of paper. This is so depressing. Lets hope things will go well.

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