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Havoc as 25 School Pupils had to be Rushed to Hospital after Eating 'Yobo' Snacks

There are not less than 25 School children who were rushed to Hospital after they have eaten snacks known as 'Yobo' yesterday at Moyeni Primary school, in Gingindlovu KZN. The snacks the school children eat where bought inside the school premises. These snacks are sold by a local street vendor who sell inside the school as well.

It is reported that the school kids where having hard stomach aches, others had serious running tummies and several others were vomiting nonstop. This incident started just before the school kids where coming back into class from the break time.

Mr Bongumusa Magwaza who is a councilor under the Mlalazi Municipality said; "There is a serious situation that happened in Moyeni Primary school. I received a call telling me that I must come quickly at the school premises. When I arrived, I found 25 school kids laying down and tiss- tossing over the ground crying because they were feeling unimaginable pain inside their chest and in the stomachs. Two of them where in a very critical state. One of the two was passed out and he was helped by paramedics."

It is reported that these 25 school children eat snacks when they were on break.

The councilor continued and said that when the investigation was done on the kids it was found that they had eaten the snacks popularly known as 'Yobo'. These snacks have different colours ranging from brown, red and yellow. The kids also confirmed that they eat these snacks before they started feeling sick. One of the kids vomited these red colour snacks.

The parent who sells these snacks will be further investigated more by the police to figure out if these snacks are stored and prepared in a healthy manner.

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