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Look at the new school teacher who Sparked a reaction from Mzansi

Love, passion and pleasure are very simple things but very hard to find. And if you are lucky to love and have a passion for what you do then you will always get pleasure from the work that you do.

This new school teacher that sparked a reaction from Mzansi is definitely on me of the few Lucky people who have love and passion from what he does. It is clearly written on his face because not everyone to have it all in life.

Even his students seems to think so but the problem now is that it just seems that they are just distracted by his outfit.

It is not the type of outfit that should be wore by a teacher but this guy is not just a teacher mara ipantsula and he doesn't want to live it all behind.

We just hope that his outfits will not be a distraction to Thier education.

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