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Secondary Education


Student caught in classroom forcing her classmate to do this

What the world has in store for us these days is more akin to a nightmare; events are unfolding as if our world is cursed or something. Every day, we witness and experience many stories. There are many things that are happening in our world now that were not happening in previous generations.

These events demonstrate that, unlike in the past, most of these students attend school just to interact with other students and to play. They no longer have the drive to study, and their goal to learn has waned. It was recently discovered that a secondary school girl was caught on camera attempting to coerce a male pupil into kissing her.

It was revealed to us that the lady was bored of waiting for the guy to make his move for far too long, so she decided to take matters into her own hands. It was discovered that the lady had been interested in the guy for a long time but that he had not made a move on her. He pushed her away and turned aside as she tried to compel him in that way.

What are your opinions on the lady's behavior? What do you suppose the reason of such behaviors may be? Let us know what you think in the comment section over there.

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