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If You Applied For The Teachers Assistance Posts Here Are 5 Interview Questions You Should Expect

So now that a period of 2 weeks has officially come and gone ever since the department of education has advertised some teaching assistant posts again, and we are now living past the closing date which the post had on the 3 October 2021. I assume that a lot of you who applied for those posts are probably out there waiting for that interview call and asking yourself what to expect at the interview since there are some changes here and there in this teaching assistant posts this time.

Well if you are out there and probably asking yourself where to begin preparing yourself for that interview should you get the call then relax I got you covered. Read the 5 points listed below to see which questions you should expect from that interview

• What makes you think you are qualified enough to be a teacher's assistant?

• What is the most important role do you think an educational assistant must play at school, specifically in a classroom?

• How will you handle a situation whereby a group of learners is disturbing the lesson in the class through talking, laughing,passing notes or any other unacceptable manners?

• Does it matter or not whether a learner find school enjoyable?

• If the teacher do something you don't like or disagree with, how would you handle the situation?

When answering this question at the interview room, please do see to it that you try to be yourself as much as possible. And please do also see to it that you keep your answers short and straight forward as possible do not first beat around the bushes before you make a point, Just jump straight to it.And last but not the least good luck to all the applicants, and please share the article with friends and family to help them prepare themselves as well, May the best applicants win

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